We are a government-certified gemstone provider from Gujarat, India and all our gemstones have undergone stringent quality checks under government guidelines to ensure their purity. We have the broadest range of gemstones, which are miraculous and equipped with mysterious powers and energies. Each gemstone features distinct properties from others if worn with a wrong combination it can have malefic results too and therefore it is better to consult any astrologer before wearing them.

To this Astrologer Rajveer Patel can be the right choice because he holds thorough knowledge of each and every gemstone and therefore he is considered India’s top astrologer and gemstone consultant. He suggests the right gemstone followed by careful study of the person’s birth chart to produce the desired effects on a person’s life and therefore there is no risk of any malefic results. Whether you want to want to benefit from the mystical power of the gemstones for education, business, health, wealth, or personal life, Astrologer Rajveer Patel has an effective solution for all your needs and that is the reason for his popularity as an astrologer as well as gemstone consultant at the world level.

Benefits of Gemstones :

  • Pukhraj/Yellow Sapphire : Showers Favour
  • Emerald : Overcome Struggle
  • Manek/Ruby : Boosts Confidence
  • Chandra/Moti/Pearl : Invite Wealth
  • Red Coral : Enhance Self Confidence
  • Neelam/Blue Sapphire : Dismiss Saturn's Effect
  • Lehsunia/Cats Eye : Defend againstKetu's Effect
  • Turquoise : Stay Energetic
  • Opal : Bring good fortune, peace and joy
  • Amethyst : Invite Royal Elegance
  • Gomed/ Hessonite : Overcome Rahu's Effect
  • Golden Topaz : For Emotional Well-Being
  • Tiger Stone : Harmonious Understanding
  • Gomti Chakra Stone : Wealth, Health and Success
  • White Topaz

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